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I found this fun fairy tale survey created by Mel @ The Daily Prophecy! I love these type of things so of course I have to participate! =D


Pinocchio – The boy whose nose grows when he lies. Is there are book you lie about, because you feel ashamed for liking it?

Never! I always say that no matter what books you read, you should never be ashamed for them. So what if other people don’t like it or think it’s weird? As long as YOU enjoy them, right? =)

Beauty and the beast – The girl who fell in love with personality. Which book do you love that has a hideous cover?

This is pretty easy. Lately I’ve come across quite a lot of books that I loved but hated the covers. This one is probably the #1 in my mental hideous cover list:

I loved this book but this cover is all wrong compared to the others who are much prettier. The same goes for the cover of Silver Shadows. Yuck!
Snow white – Hunted down for her beauty. Do you ever buy a book based on the cover alone and if so, what is the last one?
This is a tricky one. I do tend to buy books based solely on the cover but not as much as I used to since I need to be careful with money and making sure I will read the book. So I’m not sure which was the last one but there’s one book I want to buy because the cover is amazing. I have read it already though but I’d probably do it anyway if I would see it somewhere.
Damn that cover! *fans herself*

Sleeping beauty – Cursed to sleep, awakened by true loves kiss. What is your favorite book couple?
Uh-oh. That question is so hard. I have an unending number of favorite book couples. So I’m just gonna go with my latest favorite couple: Cress and Thorne from Cress by Marissa Meyer. Oh my gawd, they were just too cute!

Little Mermaid – Gave up on her old life for love. Do you ever branch out to new genres or do you like to stick with the ones you know and love? If you try new things out, what is the latest book?

I usually read the genres I know and love but every now and then I like to branch out. The latest book was Looking for Alaska by John Green. I was never really into YA Realistic Fiction but I am loving John Green’s books! 

Cinderella – Who lost her shoe after midnight. What is the last book that made you stay up all night?
Cress by Marissa Meyer. I remember clearly. I had only fifty more pages to go but it was already pretty late. Still finished it, though! =D

Rapunzel – locked up in a tower. What is  the worst books you’ve read last month?
Pawn by Aimee Carter. What kind of wacky stuff was all that? lol


Aladdin – The poor boy who found a genie. What is the latest book treasure/gem you found?

That has to be The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Amazing book!

Alice in Wonderland – The girl who fell through a rabbit’s hole. 
Which book made you really feel like you landed in another world?

The Golden Apple by Michelle Diener. This was actually a fairy tale retelling so of course it felt like I landed in a totally different world.

East of the sun and west of the moon – where a girl embarks on a journey to save her love. 
Who is one of your favorite kick-ass heroines?

Easy! Cat from Up from the Grave (Night Huntress) by Jeaniene Frost. She kicks ass like nobody else! 

The Frog Prince – where an enchanted prince becomes human again. 
What is a book you thought you would hate, but end up loving?

I have to agree with Mel and also say The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I’m not a fan of realistic fiction but TFIOS was definitely an exception. 

Hansel and Gretel – left alone in the woods and captured by a witch. 
Which duo (sister/sister, brother/sister) is your favorite and why?

There are probably lots more but right now I can only think of Annie and Fia from Mind Games by Kiersten White. I just love them and I think it’s extra special because Annie is blind. She and Fia were really different from each other but I do love them.

Little Red Riding Hood – almost eaten by a wolf dressed as her grandmother. 
What book disappointed you after falling in love with the cover and blurb?

Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I was really disappointed with this novella. It just fell kinda flat for me but I still have some hopes for White Hot Kiss. =)

Rumpelstilskin – nobody knows his name. Which book do you love that doesn’t get enough attention?
Hmm… Tough one… I’d say books by Michelle Diener and Vicky Alvear Shecter. Oh and Terra by Gretchen Powell! <3

So that are my answers!
What are yours?
Answer in the comment section! =D

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  1. Yeay, that's the spirit! Don't be ashamed of what you read 😀 I hate the covers from Richelle Mead's series..Cress and Thorne are cute (although I ship Thorne/Cinder haha) Pawn was also a book I didn't enjoy.I can't wait to read The golden apple! Great answers 😀

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