Review: Ancient Egypt: From Beginning To End by Stephan Weaver

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Title: Ancient Egypt: From Beginning To End
Author: Stephan Weaver
Publication: August 10th 2015
Genre: Nonfiction ~ History
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4/5


△ Ancient Egypt △
Beginning from its unification in the 3rd millennium BC and ending in its annexation by the Roman Empire in 30 BC, Ancient Egypt had spanned for nearly 30 centuries, leaving behind a wealth of relics that continue to entrance the modern world.
From the great pyramids of the Old Kingdom to the hypnotic tomb of Tutankhamen, Ancient Egypt is a topic of intrigue that has earned universal prominence. In fact, its unending stream of allure has established a study of its own: Egyptology.

Inside you will learn about…
✓ The Beginning of Ancient Egypt
✓ The Old Kingdom
✓ The Middle Kingdom
✓ The New Kingdom
✓ The End of Ancient Egypt
✓ 10 Little Known Facts about Ancient Egypt

Styled in a very convenient structure, this eBook discusses each epoch of the period: the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, the three Intermediate periods and the demise of the Empire. It also dilates on the various dynasties and pharaohs that reigned.
The eBook provides a through insight into one of history’s greatest eras.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by Ancient Egypt. I love watching movies, documentaries and of course read books about it like Ancient Egypt: From Beginning To End by Stephan Weaver. 

This e-book covers the beginning of Ancient Egypt to the end of it, with the old, middle and new kingdom in between. It also goes over all the pharaohs that have reigned over the dynasties. 
Ancient Egypt is my #1 favorite historical era to read about so of course I couldn’t get enough of this book. It was so fascinating and really engrossing to read also.

I also really enjoyed the images that were added every now and then. It really does give the e-book a little something extra and visual for the eyes. 

And like with the book about Ancient Greece that I’ve read previously, I once again really enjoyed the bonus chapter with some facts about Ancient Egypt. It’s all very informative and really interesting to learn more about! 

I’d definitely recommend this book to fellow history fans and especially for those who love Ancient Egypt as much as I do.

       About the Author:

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Dedicated to the craft of writing, Stephan Weaver is a best-selling author who loves to pen anything related to history and mythology. With a love for immersing himself into other cultures, worlds, and even realms, Weaver is a former professor, historian, and archaeologist. It’s no surprise that you can now find him tucked away with his laptop writing about these very things with commitment and devotion. Married to a beautiful wife and father to a son and daughter, Weaver loves to spend his free time with family, experience the world by traveling, and, of course, you’ll never find him without a pen in hand. From the blinking cursor to the final page, he is deeply passionate about what he does. And it shows.

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