Review: Serial Killers on the Internet by Eileen Ormsby

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Title: Serial Killers on the Internet
Author: Eileen Ormsby
Publication: April 29, 2020
Genre: Nonfiction, True Crime
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Rating: 4/5

A pair of teens go on a murderous rampage and their exploits are immortalized in the most shocking video ever to circulate the internet, “3 Guys, 1 Hammer”

A serial killer with over 100 kills to his name walks free and becomes a Youtube sensation

A psychopath lures victims through online dating to use as “research” for his twisted film project

Serial killers have been with us for decades. The internet has put them in our pockets is a chilling look at what happens when murderous minds meet modern technology by the bestselling author of The Darkest Web

This book expands on three cases originally released in edited form for the Casefile True Crime podcast:

Pedro Rodrigues Filho, aka Pedrinho Matador, aka Killer Petey

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, aka the Hammer Maniacs

Mark Twitchell, aka Dexter Serial Killer

I’ve been into true crime (books, YouTubers, documentaries etc) for a while now but I don’t think I’ve reviewed a book in the genre yet so will be my first. How exciting! Oh and I could hardly stop reading so I really enjoyed it!

This book covers three nightmarish cases where the internet somehow has played a role in the murders these people commited. The cases are about:

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, aka the Hammer Maniacs

Pedro Rodrigues Filho, aka Pedrinho Matador, aka Killer Petey

Mark Twitchell, aka Dexter Serial Killer

I was only familiar with Mark Twitchell but the other two were completely new to me. But oh boy these cases were WILD. And that’s exactly why I had such a hard time to put the book down. I just wanted to keep on reading to find out what would happen next and how the serial killers were going to be caught.

I’ve got to really give two thumbs up to the author because I felt like it was a thoroughly researched and well-written book. It was detailed but not in a way where things become boring or hard to read. Even with the Dexter serial killer I learned some things that I hadn’t known before so that was really great! serial killers on the internet by Eileen Ormsby was a dark but very fascinating read. These serial killers will haunt you in your dreams, mark my words.

About the author:
Eileen Ormsby is a lawyer, author and freelance journalist based in Melbourne. Her first book, Silk Road was the world’s first in-depth expose of the black markets that operate on the dark web.

Eileen’s gonzo-style investigations have led her deep into the secretive corners of the dark web where drugs and weapons dealers, hackers, hitmen and worse ply their trade. Many of these dark web interactions turned into real-world relationships, entanglements, hack attempts on her computer and even death threats from the dark web’s most successful hitman network as she researched Darkest Web. She now lives a quiet life off-grid as much as possible.
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6 responses to “Review: Serial Killers on the Internet by Eileen Ormsby

  1. verushka

    Holy crap, I thought this was fiction! I love it when fiction takes uses the internet in thrillers but this is WOW — what do they say about the truth being stranger thank fiction?

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