My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts: Part 3

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I’m back with part 3 of my favorite podcasts. My last post about podcasts was back in December so it goes without saying that I’ve discovered some new favorites by now. They’re arranged in no particular order and you can find all the podcasts on pretty much all platforms.


Fall of Civilizations
Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This is a highly detailed and fascinating podcast about the fall of civilizations hosted by Paul M.M. Cooper. Some of the episodes include Roman Britain, The Mayan Collapse, The Khmer Empire, The Songhai Empire, Byzantium and more. I’m caught up on all 11 episodes and can’t wait for any future episodes!


The Partial Historians
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This is a podcast on ancient Roman history hosted by Dr Peta Greenfield and Dr Fiona Radford. The podcast is a bit comparable to Ancient History Fangirl and Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby that I’ve mentioned on previous posts about podcasts. Dr Greenfield and Dr Redford definitely know their stuff. I’m nowhere near caught up on all episodes but I’m working on it!


The Sesh
YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This has become a fast favorite podcast of mine. The Sesh is hosted by Kendall Rae and Janelle Fields. Kendall is a true crime YouTuber and also one of the Host (along with her husband Josh) of Mile Higher Podcast. Janelle is the producer of Mile Higher Podcast. I’ve also talked about MHP on a previous podcast post. The Sesh is vastly different from MHP but I love the vibe and flow of it so much. It’s very laidback and really fun to watch/listen to.


The Alarmist
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This is a comedy podcast that I only recently found out about thanks to Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby.  It’s hosted by Rebecca Delgado Smith and it’s about disasters in history and who is to blame for them. That’s what Rebecca and her guests try to figure out. Since it’s a new-to-me podcast I’ve only listened to a few episodes but the ones I have listened to were laugh-out-loud funny and fascinating at the same time. Definitely a favorite!


Lights Out
YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

This one is a darker podcast hosted by Josh Thomas (Kendall Rae’s husband) and his brother Joel who’s the producer of the podcast. They cover things like hauntings, serial killers, shootings, aliens etc… The topics are dark but very interesting as well. It’s more scripted than Mile Higher Podcast but I definitely don’t mind. I like that all their podcasts (MHP, The Sesh, Lights Out) are so different from one another.

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