Review: Screaming Whispers by Shreya Vijay

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Title: Screaming Whispers
Author: Shreya Vijay
Publication: June 17, 2021
Genre: Poetry
Find it on: Amazon
Rating: 5/5

‘Screaming Whispers’ encompasses a plethora of poems that are the creation of a young woman’s mind. With each stroke of the pen, the ink stained the paper and these poems were birthed.

The underlying theme of the book is based on how writing serves as therapy for the author. She seeks to awaken the souls of her readers to a wide spectrum of emotions that are otherwise, often taken for granted. Most of the themes of her poems are borrowed from something she has felt deeply or has witnessed from the sidelines.

Via the medium of her poems, she wishes to instigate lasting impact on her readers and make them appreciate the subtle art of poetry. All the poems in this book are not mere literary pieces. They are the pieces of her soul. Now that they are with you, please keep them safe.

I need to collect myself a little before writing this review because I just want to scream and shout that I loved this collection of poems so very much! In the last two or so years I’ve been reading more and more poetry collections, some I loved and some I didn’t, but I’ve got to say that Screaming Whispers is one of the best ones I’ve read. A lot of the poems just spoke to my soul. I hadn’t expected to love it this much but here we are and I’m super happy about that!

Here are two of my favorite poems + excerpts from them. I obviously loved all the poems in the collections but I could really feel myself in these ones, especially:

Therapy Session

Between all the ‘how are yous & I’m fines’,
I hid the gory truth between the lines.
I’m emotionally scared to let anyone inside,
So, I cheat on myself! I run away & hide.

Anxiety is like swimming in an ocean, with no land in sight,
Anxiety is like being chased by a pack of wolves in the dead of night.
Anxiety is believing you’re being followed, when no one is near,
Anxiety is, in simple terms, the fear of the fear.

“Calm down! Breath! Clear your mind!”
If it was this easy, I would’ve already been out of these binds.
Anxiety is the perpetual devil, I’m its pawn.
Worse than my shadow, he lurks beside me from dusk till dawn.


You Have to Be Perfect

All these gender roles assigned to us,
Are starting to get on my nerves!
Deviate from them and you are a social reject,
Question the norms and you’re showing disrespect!

Yes I agree, I’m part of the society!
Then, shouldn’t you accept me the way I seem to be?
I’m way too far from perfect, I agree!
But at the very least, I’m proud that I’m ‘ME’.


I know not a lot of people are very intro poetry because sometimes it can be hard to read but with this one I would highly recommend you to give it a shot because not only are the poems beautifully written but they’re also so timely and I just know they will speak to other readers as well. You will not regret it!


About the author:

Shreya Vijay is a high school student. She possesses extreme love for poetry which verges on the line of obsession. Apart from that, she is a chronic addict of music and an all-time Nyctophilus. She is also a content writer, a blogger and a published author.

Her first book Midnight Whispers was published on Amazon Kindle in 2018 and sold many copies online. Currently, she lives in India with her parents where she is finishing her high school.

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10 responses to “Review: Screaming Whispers by Shreya Vijay

  1. Hope your vacation went well! 🙂 This one reminds me of Rupi Kaur’s poetry, though Kaur’s work is even more angsty. The best part about Screaming Whispers is that she actually uses rhyming verses! It’s been so long since I came across the typical AABB stanzas in poetry, haha.

  2. verushka

    Welcome back! I hope your vacation was fun! Poetry is not always my cup of tea but gah, it’s easy to see how and why you loved this!

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