My Favorite Podcasts: Part 6

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Helloooo and welcome to part 6 of my favorite podcasts. Am I close to being done? Hell no! I still have many to talk about. So let’s go!



Planet Sleep
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This is a brand new podcast by Josh Thomas (also known from two of my other favorite podcasts: Mile Higher Podcast and Lights Out Podcast) and it’s produced by his brother Joel (also from Lights Out Podcast). To explain what it’s about I can’t say it any better than the description on YT: “Planet Sleep is an immersive and relaxing sleep experience which combines chill music with soothing nature sounds and stories to send you into a deep slumber.” Two episodes are out so far so you could catch up really quick if you want!


Crime Countdown
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This a true crime podcast from the Parcast network hosted by Ash and Alaina from the popular podcast Morbid (I haven’t featured Morbid yet but I will eventually!). Each episode of Crime Countdown is a top 10 countdown of whatever theme that week is. It’s a more lighthearted podcast which I think is perfect because sometimes you just want something lighter related to true crime. Ash and Alaina are really fun to listen to as well!


Myths and Legends
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This is a podcast I’m nowhere near caught up upon because I only recently discovered it but it’s such an excellent one! You can probably tell what it’s about: myths and legends. But they’re told in a hilarious and unique way. I often laugh out loud while listening to the podcast. I seriously love it so much and can’t wait to listen more. It’s written and hosted by Jason Weiser + edited and produced by Carissa Weiser.


Odd Ball
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This is a podcast about a UFO case I’ve already finished a while ago and one ended up being more intrigued by than I initially thought I would’ve been. So that’s always a really great thing. I had already heard about the Betz sphere case before on documentaries but I liked this podcast more than those. There are only 5 episodes but it dives pretty deep into it all and trust me that once you start you won’t be able to stop listening! It’s hosted and produced by Lindsey Kilbride.


Across the Ages
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This is a history podcast hosted by Natalie Sabin that has become a quick favorite of mine where on each episode Nat talks about one topic across various ages. There are episodes on weapons, hats, contraception, dangerous jobs and more. The entertainment factor is very high and so is my fascination. I really love learning about whatever the topic of the episode is across all the ages. It’s always SO interesting!



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15 responses to “My Favorite Podcasts: Part 6

  1. verushka

    Haaa, I just discovered Morbid and am jumping between them and Crime Junkie. I’m down a rabbit hole and I can’t pull myself away. You should try International Infamy as well — Ashley from Crime Junkie hosts that one — it’s 15 episodes, and crimes from different countries around the world — including Australia and Azaria Chamberlain’s disappearance.

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