My Favorite Podcasts: Part 7

Posted September 13, 2021 by Stephanie in podcasts / 14 Comments

I don’t think this needs much of an introduction anymore at this point but here I am with part 7 of my favorite podcasts. Will there ever be an end in sight? I’m not sure. Lots of Parcast podcasts in this one. Be warned!



Supernatural with Ashley Flowers
Website | Spotify

This podcast is hosted by Ashley Flowers (known from her other podcast Crime Junkie). It’s about anything supernatural but also about conspiracies, aliens, disappearances, hauntings and mystical things. Needless to say I love it.


Double Booked
Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

A bookish podcast? *GASP* Yes, weirdly enough I don’t listen to a lot of bookish podcasts. Double Booked is hosted by author Eoin Colfer and author Andrew Donkin. When I learned that Eoin Colfer was starting a podcast I subscribed right away on Spotify. So far there are only two episodes released and they have been SO hilarious. I really love the podcast and can’t wait to see where it’s gonna go in the future.


Disappearances with Sarah Turney
Website | Spotify

This podcast is hosted by Sarah Turney. She also has a podcast called Voices for Justice. Initially she started Voices for Justice to get justice for her older sister who disappeared years ago. She also started making episodes for other cases. I’ve been following her journey and I feel so proud of how far she has come. I’m really happy for her that she’s doing this new podcast with Parcast.


Unexplained Mysteries
Website | Spotify

This podcast is hosted by Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rossner. The title of it already pretty much explained what it’s about. It’s about unexplained mysterious. The episodes are really a various bunch going from the Antikythera Mechanism to the Ark of the Covenant to the Gardner Museum heist to an episode about exploding teeth. I’m a fan!


Conspiracy Theories
Website | Spotify

This podcast is hosted by Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy. Yet another Parcast podcast. Can you tell I like this network? It’s also another one where the title completely gives away what it’s about. And who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I know I do!


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14 responses to “My Favorite Podcasts: Part 7

  1. verushka

    I would not have picked Ashley Flowers doing a podcast on the supernatural and onspiracy theories etc — it’s sooo different from Crime Junkie! I just listened to a trailer of Disappearances too and was wondering if I should give it a try. Currently I am listening to Solvable — which I got into unexpectedly and I am enjoying it!

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