Review: Chill Out and Cheer Up by Grace Grossmann

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Title: Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide
Author: Grace Grossmann
Publication: January 8th 2021
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-Help
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Rating: 4/5

Nowadays, we question what leading a happy life entails, how to be satisfied. We end up wasting our energy away, looking for happiness and not living it the right way. What even is the right way!? We follow the path that is supposedly set out to us by societal stresses and cunning commercials, steering us in the direction of Always. Wanting. More. When in your twenties, thirties or sixties, we often question what’s happening. Let’s heal together.

This year I have been picking up more self-help books than any other year. Mental health and self-care have become very important to me. And this one, I must say, is one of my favorites out of them all so far. It isn’t just another self-help book but it’s also inspirational and actually has a lot of tips that I found super helpful.

My favorite thing about this book was the way it was written in such an authentic and honest way. The author was very open with her mental health struggles which I really appreciated because we share some of the same struggles. She wasn’t just naming the ten steps to a happier life. No, it was like she was really talking to the reader and I really loved that.

The ten steps of this guide include the topics of pressure, positive thinking, doubt, fear, greed, little things, nature, connection, solitude and learn to love yourself. All the chapters have been very useful to me but I’ve got so say that my favorites were positive thinking, fear, nature and solitude. I really found a lot of helpful things in them and they are very applicable too even.

This is a book that also goes into social media a lot, which I really liked because I definitely share her opinions on it. We all really need to unplug more and enjoy nature, our family, our friends, even pets more without the need to share or make it seem how great our lives are because a lot of the times we only show the good and never the bad.

Overall, Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide by Grace Grossmann is an inspiring, expressive and full of ways and tips to a happier and healthier life. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure other reader will find it helpful and valuable as well. I would highly recommend it!




“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and the voice will be silenced” is a bold statement by Vincent Van Gogh that each one of us can learn from — when you doubt yourself, there is, even more, the reason for you to prove yourself wrong.

If people are bringing you down – eliminate them. When people are lifting you – embrace them.

Self-acceptance is a process. A process is prioritising change, allowing growth and surrendering yourself to go slow.

Immersing yourself in nature entails an enriching and enlightening effect on your feelings, thoughts and state of consciousness.

Solitude has the power to elate us because we must enjoy our own company to fully find peace, joy and love within as well as around us.



About the author:

Grace Grossmann is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach based in Berlin, Germany. Through eBooks and paperbacks, Grossmann shares her wisdom as learned through the hard times life has taken her through, and shows us how we can remain resilient and come out stronger than we went in.

Grossmann offers a range of wellbeing courses including one-on-one and workplace schemes to help boost morale and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

Yoga classes are held both in-person in a group setting or online, and throughout lockdown Grossmann provided helpful group sessions to help with the loneliness epidemic that seemed to come with isolation.

Read more about Grace Grossmann and her practises at Grace Grossmann Yoga & Wellbeing.

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  1. verushka

    I haven’t yet started reading books on mental health, but I am reading more articles online I think — I think it’s my way of starting small and finding my way to what works for me. I like the sounds of this — and the author’s authenticity. It’s sounds good!

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