Testimonials from Authors

Testimonials from authors I have worked with:


Cathy Burnham Martin

Author of Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear

“I wish my personal writing style was more aligned with Stephanie’s preference because she writes a wonderfully insightful review! Though most of my book’s reviews have been phenomenally positive, 5-star reflections, BookFever’s more measured “take” helped me look closely at such writing aspects as my pacing. She also highlighted the importance of my story, balancing her positive and negative thoughts, which is very important, especially in a difficult review. I will definitely seek her review on future work.”


Lori Anne Goldstein

Author of Love, Theodosia

“As an author, I am extremely appreciative of all the hard work that book reviewers put in to share the love of stories. Stephanie is no exception. She is professional, enthusiastic, responds quickly, and not only took a beautiful photo of my novel, but wrote a thoughtful, detailed review. I’d happily recommend!”



More to come soon!