Review: Nearly Mended by Devon Ashley

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Title: Nearly Mended
Author: Devon Ashley
Series: Nearly #2

Publication: April 7th 2014
Genre: New Adult ~ Dark Romance ~ Suspense
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Rating: 5/5

Megan Whitaker desperately wants to forget what the Malone brothers have done to her over the past two years – the haunting images and sensations still plaguing her thoughts and dreams – but she can’t. Charles may be dead, but Zander isn’t. I’ll bring you back to me. She wants to believe she’s safe with Nick in their secluded new home, but it doesn’t keep her from looking over her shoulder, jumping over unexpected sounds, carrying a concealed weapon or even preparing for the worst. Because she fears the time is near.

Nick Ellis has seen a change in his long, lost love. Battered emotionally and physically, Megan spends her days at self-defense classes and researching things that’ll never allow her to let go of the past. And he feels guilty even wanting her to, because he knows that heathen will return, it’s only a matter of time. And when he does, Nick knows he will do everything possible to save her, even if it means taking another shot to the heart.

But for Megan, there is no escaping the world of sex trafficking, nor the band of men who continually aid one another to keep it thriving. And as her nightmarish world encroaches on reality, Megan soon realizes there are far worse evils to fear than the sadistic man who haunts her dreams.

New Adult Romantic Suspense / Dark Realistic Fiction
Recommended for 17+ for mature and disturbing situations, language and sexual content.

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that Nearly Mended blew me away. It took me a while to actuallty get to it, but I really wish I had read  the book sooner. I absolutely loved it!

I thought the first book, Nearly Broken, was likable but not as amazing as I wanted it to be. Nearly Mended was a thousand times better, in my opinion. It did surprise me because I hadn’t expected it to be as dark, twisted and crazy as it was. And yes, these are very good things with a book like this. It just was so much more different than the first book and liked it so much more that I wish I could’ve given it more than five stars!

I don’t know where Megan gets her strenght but I was very surprised by how strong she was in this book. She might’ve had a hard time in the beginning of the book, readjusting and everyting but once she gets taken again by Zander she’s doing everything she can not to break down. There’s a different factor this time around, though. I won’t reveal what it is, for the sake of spoilers but damn, such a good twist!

I’m not sure what to say about Nick in this book. He definitely had his good moments but I’m just not a big fan of his. But I have to say that at least he never gives up on Megan, no matter what crap Zander makes both of them go true. That’s something at least!

Also, I heard (before reading Nearly Mended) that people want Megan to end up with Zander. Of course, I was wondering what that all was about because Zander was a pretty fucked up psycho in the first book but now? Now I’m totally seeing it and damn it, Devon Ashley actually made me care about Zander. I still think he’s a bastard and I want to hate him so much but yeah, there’s something about him, I won’t deny it.

Overall, Nearly Mended definitely had everything I’m looking for in a book like this. It had so much suspense, I almost couldn’t take it anymore. The sex scenes were scorching and panty-dropping hot. And the last couple of chapters literally made my jaw drop. I can’t wait for the next book. I want to read it as soon as it comes out!

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