Review: Dark Minds by Michelle Diener

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Title: Dark Minds
Author: Michelle Diener
Series: Class 5 #3
Publication: July 22nd 2016 by Eclipse

Genre: Science Fiction
Purchase: Amazon

Rating: 4/5

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.

The mind is the most powerful weapon of all . . .

Imogen Peters knows she’s a pawn. She’s been abducted from Earth, held prisoner, and abducted again. So when she gets a chance at freedom, she takes it with both hands, not realizing that doing so will turn her from pawn to kingmaker.

Captain Camlar Kalor expected to meet an Earth woman on his current mission, he just thought he’d be meeting her on Larga Ways, under the protection of his Battle Center colleague. Instead, he and Imogen are thrown together as prisoners in the hold of a Class 5 battleship. When he works out she’s not the woman who sparked his mission, but another abductee, Cam realizes his investigation just got a lot more complicated, and the nations of the United Council just took a step closer to war.

Imogen’s out of her depth in this crazy mind game playing out all around her, and she begins to understand her actions will have a massive impact on all the players. But she’s good at mind games. She’s been playing them since she was abducted. Guess they should have left her minding her own business back on Earth…

Dark Minds by Michelle Diener in the third and final Class 5 book. I may have enjoyed the other two books slightly more, but I still think this was a fabulous book and a great way to end this trilogy. 

This book features Imogen Peter, another woman who was abducted from Earth and Captain Camlar Kalor. They are thrown together unexpectedly as prisoners on a Class 5 battleship. When Cam finds out she’s another abductee from Earth things get complicated and closer to war.

I’ve always loved the characters of these books. Imogen and Cam are no different in that. Together they made a good team and had loads of chemistry. The book was such a fast read. I went through it in no time, which seems to be always the case with a book by this author. I can’t help but want to keep reading.

The writing as always was flawless. As far as science fiction novels go, the Class 5 books are my favorites for sure. I think I’ve said it before but Michelle Diener is so good at writing in this genre. 

I also loved how Imogen actually found Rose and Fiona. I loved reading about them all together. The same goes for Dav, Hal and Cam as well as Sazo and Eazi. 

Overall, Dark Minds by Michelle Diener ended this trilogy very well. I loved how good everything was wrapped up in the end. I’ll really miss reading about the world of the Class 5 books. It was a great ride and sci-fi at its best!

       About the Author:

Michelle Diener writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds and interesting characters and wondering which part of the world she can travel to next. Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing, or driving her kids from activity to activity, you can find her blogging at Magical Musings, or online at Twitter, at Google+ and Facebook.

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